16.4.2013 “No Sound”

Thoth goes shopping for food at Vons. At home he writes then gets dressed. Wakes LA. She dresses. Helen calls. “We’re almost there,” she says. Thoth marinates the pork shoulder. LA puts on her pink wig. Helen and Mark drive them to Sultan Banoo. “Your car makes no sound,” Thoth observes. “It’s completely electric up to 35 miles,” Mark says. At the restaurant, the hostess is a friendly Persian woman and recognizes LA and Thoth from their last visit. “Everywhere we go people recognize you as one of their own,” LA says to Thoth. ”You could be Persian, Moroccan, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, . . . ” LA gets soup and salad. Thoth gets rice with tofu, pistachio nuts, and sour cherries. After lunch, Helen and Mark drive LA and Thoth home. Thoth starts the laundry. LA watches videos about Occupy Wall Street and how to assert your civil rights when accosted by police. She talks to her sister on Skype. Thoth cooks the pork shoulder in the oven at 300 degrees. LA cuts the bangs on her wig and pins the leftovers on top of her hair. Jim and his children eat, then LA and Thoth eat. LA listens to the live recording of the Art Lab show while her sister listens to it. “The show was too long,” Jamie says. “Dad told me, but he didn’t want to tell you. You shouldn’t talk as much, or plan what you’re going to say between songs.” Bibi says: “Sweet smelling sheets.”