16.5.2013 “Kitty Cat Voice”

LA and Thoth have smoothies and get ready to go out to play. They take the subway to Central Park. The day is warm and sunny. They arrive at the tunnel and a huge film crew is set up on the stairs. They hear the Boyds singing and walk down the stairs passed the film crew and wait in the wings. A member of the film crew approaches LA and Thoth. “We’re paying them to stop a half hour early,” she says. “What does that have to do with us?” Thoth asks. “They said you play after them,” she says, “And I don’t want you to start immediately. The singing was distracting our photographers.” “Oh, I see,” LA says. “We thought you wanted us to stop entirely.” LA and Thoth set up. Dan and Josh come. “I’m feeling much better,” LA tells them. After LA uses the restroom, the member of the film crew asks: “Are you starting soon?” “Almost,” she says, “we have to meditate first.” “Well let me know when you’re starting,” she says. “I’ll be happy to pay you to hold off a little until we’re finished.” When Thoth returns from the bathroom, the member of the film crew gives him some money and asks him if they can wait a half hour. “Well, we’ve been paid for the day,” Thoth tells LA. A breakdancing group begins performing. Thoth meditates under his umbrella, then the Dynamic Duo begins a set. The film crew packs up and leaves. After the “Plucking Song,” LA asks Thoth if he is okay. “The dust is getting to me,” he says.  The CEO of the Central Park Conservancy stops by with some VIP’s and says hello to the Dynamic Duo. “Glad to have you back,” he says. “How is everyone behaving?” LA and Thoth stop before