17.2.2013 “A Game Player”

Thoth watches the finals from the Doha and Brazil Open tennis tournaments. LA wakes. “Ten thirty,” Thoth says. “I thought it was later,” she says getting up. Dresses to play. Thoth stops working on the EPK and gets dressed. LA and Thoth leave at 2:30. It’s surprisingly damp and chilly outside. At the park, many people are walking around in the courtyard. Two ballerinas are posing for a photo shoot. LA listens at the backstage door of the theater. A boom box is playing canned music. “The theater is right there,” LA tells Thoth. He sets up the video camera. When finished setting up, the Dynamic Duo begins. Thoth roars angrily and LA joins him. Everyone around the area gathers to watch. A group of people sit on the ground. After “Romanza,” the skies darken and the entire audience leaves. Chet shows up and watches the final two pieces. The park is empty. While LA and Thoth pack up and take the video camera down, they chat with Chet. Suddenly, a park ranger appears as if out of the bushes. At first he is cordial and friendly, then becomes menacing and condescending. “Thoth?” he says. “Right? Why don’t you play in the permitted spots?” “What do you mean?” Thoth asks. Chet slinks away. “You know what I mean,” the Ranger continues. “You’re a game player. We know, we know what you’re doing. We’re watching you and planning our next move.” He leaves. Thoth giggles and asks LA: “What was that about?” “Was there something funny about that?” the ranger returns.