17.3.2013 “My Throat Is Annoying Me”

Thoth continues working on the tutorial and begins sketching his novel again. LA sleeps late. She makes smoothies, then she and Thoth get dressed. They bike to the park. “You’re dawdling,” LA says. “I don’t think it is necessary to start at 3 anymore,” Thoth contends. “I like it better playing near sunset. Maybe we should aim for a 4 start time.” The Dynamic Duo performs “Anya.” The applause from the gathered crowd is tumultuous and lasts a long time. “That’s something,” Thoth says. A couple brings a blanket and cuddles while listening. Mel shows up during the “Bolero” to help pass out cards. She has brought a little puppy in her arms. “She’s so cute,” LA coos, petting its head. During the “Mediation,” many people are sitting on the ground in front, watching. “My throat is driving me nuts,” LA exclaims.  “It feels more swollen as I sing.” “Do you need to stop?” Thoth says. “No. I want to sing,” LA says.  The Dynamic Duo finishes with the “Tango” and packs up. “I wonder where Forrest was this weekend?” LA and Thoth say. Chet comes over and says hello. Thoth and he talk about music. “My throat is annoying me,” LA interrupts. “I need to go home.” They bike home. The neighbors in the back are outside barbecuing. Tod and Julian are working on the garden. Jim is painting. Thoth and LA say hello, then escape inside to rest. “After I play I am completely antisocial,” LA remarks. She and Thoth make leftovers from the salmon pasta, the chicken, and the potato. After eating, LA watches Tommy and listens to Quadrophenia as well as a few other videos her sister has sent her over Skype. Thoth watches the final tennis match from Indian Wells. LA showers. Bibi says: “To bed to bed . . . Where’s my Ted . . . ? Oh that’s me.”