17.4.2013 “Arm In Arm”

Thoth makes coffee and writes. LA gets up at 10 and starts getting dressed. “It’s so nice out,” LA says, peeking outside. She trims her pink wig and pins the extra on her natural hair. Thoth gets dressed and ha and LA leave. They have difficulty biking through the strong wind. Few people in the park. Their performance spot is breezy and cold. The Dynamic Duo sets up and plays. “I can tell you’re feeling how I’m feeling,” LA says to Thoth after “Romanza.” “I don’t know what it is,” he says. “It’s been really slow the past few weeks,” LA says. “I’m not having as much fun playing. But it will pass.” “We had an exciting week,” Thoth explains. ”We’ve been having a let down.” A man tells them they should play up front. “Funny how people always tell us to try things we’ve already tried,”  Thoth says. “Rarely does anyone suggest anything new.” He and LA pack up after the “Plucking Song.” While biking home, they talk about jealousy and their commitment to each other. “I want to have you all to myself,” Thoth says. “Ooh, I like that,” LA says. “Say it again?” He does. At home, they put their bikes away. “If I can have you all to myself,” LA says. “Then you can have me all to yourself.” They walk arm in arm to Vons to go shopping. During the walk back, they talk about New York. At home, they make pulled pork sandwiches. Jim comes home, makes a juice, and goes back to Art Lab. Thoth watches tennis then dozes. LA showers. Thoth gets up for a bit and researches point and shoot cameras. LA writes. Bibi says: “You have me all to yourself.”