17.5.2013 “Forgotten His Umbrella”

Thoth studies. LA gets up early and runs to CVS to buy safety pins. Thoth uploads the tracks for the new CD. LA makes a new headdress. She and Thoth dress and head to the park. The Boyd Choir are performing. The Afrobats start performing and the choir stops. LA and Thoth set up.  Dan R. shows up. “I want to treat you to some new supplies,” he says. LA and Thoth thank him. The Dynamic Duo plays an entire set for the first time since arriving in New York. The audience isn’t very responsive. After LA and Thoth finish, Dominic and Kendra play. Dan walks out of the tunnel with them. They see Keeshan doing bubbles. “”Put me in a bubble!” LA says. Dan takes a picture of her in a bubble. Dan walks with them to Trader Joe’s on 72nd street. They have hot dogs at Green Papaya, then say goodbye to Dan. “The old times are back, ” Dan says. Thoth realizes he has forgotten his umbrella outside Trader Joe’s. LA waits with the violins while he goes back to look for it. “You’re with Thoth,” a woman says. “Can I take you’re picture?” Thoth does not find the umbrella. A few other people ask for LA’s picture, too. “Nein, freulein,” Thoth says to LA when he returns. They walk back to the subway and go home. After relaxing a bit, they walk to the grocery store around the corner. Thoth makes orange salmon pasta for LA. They eat then Thoth watches tennis upstairs, while LA watches Shadowlands. Bibi says: “Warm.”