17.6.2013 “Can’t Find It”

“Do you want a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich?” LA asks after getting up. “That sounds like fun.” Thoth says. LA goes downstairs. A man they see all the time gives LA a fist pump. “Are you an albino?” he asks. “No, but close,” LA says. “I’m just very fair.” She goes to the corner deli and orders two sandwiches. At home, she opens her sandwich and says, “I can’t eat it.” Thoth hugs her and says: “I love when you’re excited about something, and I get sad when you are disappointed. What’s wrong with it?” “It’s the smell,” LA says. “It made me feel sick.” She runs back downstairs and asks for a bagel instead.” They give her money back. Excited, Robert talks with them about the camera he lent them last night.  They get dressed and go to Union Square. Upon passing Wigs and Plus, LA wants to go in. She finds a bleach blond pony tail and buys it. Rain begins as she and Thoth walk towards Union Square. They go into Staples. LA puts on the pony tail. Thoth buys a few things. They wait beneath scaffolding till the rain stops. Look for a tribal shop but can’t find it. Walk back to Union Square. Take the L train to 8th Avenue and walk to 4th Street looking for a music shop. They can’t find that either. They take the 1 train home. “Your hair is beautiful,” a woman says to LA. She and Thoth buy a piece of filet mignon at the Garden of Eden. They go home. Thoth relaxes upstairs. “I’m hungry,” LA moans. Thoth comes down. “I just did all these things for us while you were doing things for yourself,” Thoth says. He spanks her playfully then cooks dinner. LA cleans. They eat cookies and watch movies. Bibi says: “Crumbs in my fur.”