17.7.2013 “Frozen Water Bottles”

Thoth works on a new sign, adding some text explaining the etiquette of watching a prayformance. LA wakes and applies simple makeup. “It’s going to be so hot today,” LA says. “I’m scared to go out.” She and Thoth pack frozen water bottles and head to the park. “This subway platform is almost unbearably stuffy and hot,” Thoth says just before the train arrives.” They walk through the park. Too hot even for the break dancers. The Boyd Choir is performing. LA and Thoth sit in the tunnel and drink water while waiting. LA takes some pictures of herself, then Thoth circles the Angel Fountain to photograph the four directions of Bethesda. When the choir finishes, the Dynamic Duo sets up. “‘Anya’ was very beautiful,” LA remarks as she sips water. “Our voices are rested.” As the prayformance continues, LA gets sad and says: “So many are filming, yet few are giving us money.” “Do you want to stop?“ Thoth asks. “No, I can make it,” LA responds. After the prayformance, LA and Thoth pack up and film an interview. They take the C train to the Tick Tock Diner on 34th Street. LA has a Caesar salad and Thoth, a chopped steak. They go home, take showers and rest. Thoth naps upstairs while LA watches “Pay It Forward.” Bibi says: “Tossing and turning. I’m no comfort tonight.”