18.1.2013 “Exposure”

LA gets up at 5 and washes the dye out of her hair then goes back to sleep. Thoth goes to Home Depot to exchange the dowels for the spirit catchers. LA gets up at 11. She puts on her headdress. “It’s so pretty,” she says of her hair. Thoth comes home and says: “I had a horrible morning. All sorts of insignificant things went wrong.” He takes a shower and he and LA get dressed. They bike to the park. “Don’t bike ahead of me,” LA says. “I feel pressured to go faster. My legs aren’t as strong as yours.” No one is in the park. “Are you going to play?” a woman asks. “We saw you at Andrea’s.” “We’ll start at 3,” LA says. A little boy talks to Thoth when he comes out of the bathroom. “We’re performing right over there,” Thoth explains. The Dynamic Duo plays ”Anya” and gathers a small crowd. The mother of the little boy talks to LA and Thoth in between pieces. “You are amazing!” she exclaims, showering them with praise. “I hope you get discovered.” “You discovered us,” Thoth counters. After the final piece, a woman says she saw LA and her headdress on the way to the park. “Biking gives us a lot of exposure,” Thoth comments. LA and Thoth pack up and bike home. Thoth goes with Jim to Home Depot. He gets sandpaper and oil for the spirit catchers. LA makes a snack. Thoth comes home and watches tennis on the television. He makes a snack. He and LA get dressed and bike to Art Lab but the music is too loud. They walk to Vons where LA gets some food, then they walk back to the Family Mexican restaurant. Thoth gets some rolled tacos and a quesadilla.  He and LA bike home. Thoth watches tennis in bed. LA watches videos on Youtube while eating yogurt and pomegranates. Bibi says: “”