18.12.2012 “Migrating Data”

Thoth bikes to the Mac Store in Emeryville to buy a firewire cable. LA takes a bike ride and meets him halfway down the hill. “I survived,” Thoth says. He returns home and works on migrating data from MacBook to the MacBook Pro. The firewire cable doesn’t work so he tries an ethernet cable. LA bikes around the Safeway parking lot then back home. Jamie calls and asks LA to meet her in Piedmont. “My legs are too tired,” LA says. Jamie says she will pick her up. Nancee brings home salmon and requests that . Thoth make salmon sandwiches. “I feel sad,” LA tells Thoth. Jamie arrives and says: “We’re going to see Hitchcock. You have no choice.” They drive to Piedmont Theater and buy tickets. Jamie gets some popcorn. After the movie, LA and Jamie drive home, and Jamie volunteers her impressions about her prayformance at Chico. LA has salmon sandwiches. Thoth rests while waiting for the data to transfer between computers. LA and Jamie watch a video reenactment of the Columbine massacre. She take a break to go upstairs to cuddle with Thoth. “When is the download supposed to be finished?” she asks him. “Eight thirty,” Thoth says. She then resumes watching the video. Thoth walks next door to the Village Market to get chicken legs and broils them in the oven. LA watches her sister make a hash from frozen potatoes, eggs, and vegetarian bacon. LA and Jamie watch act 1 of A Little Night Music. After eating, Thoth checks all his applications and discovers that most of them have survived the migration. He begins reinstalling ZBrush and Reason. Jamie goes home. LA showers. Bibi says: “Inspiration rather than anxiety reduces teeth marks in pillows.”