18.2.2013 “To Complain”

Thoth makes coffee and puts away all the dishes. He edits and writes blogs. LA wakes and calls for Thoth to get in bed with her. He puts down his computer and gets in bed. “I was angry all night and my body hurts,” LA says. She limps to the bathroom then makes smoothies with the leftover strawberries. Watches videos on Youtube while Thoth works on a few tutorials. LA calls the park rangers office to complain about how the ranger treated them yesterday. The receptionist gives her the number to the senior park ranger and LA leaves a message with him. She is worried and stressed all day. Thoth works. At night, they struggle to decide what to do for dinner. “We’re snapping at each other,” Thoth says. They hug and kiss, then bike to Vons for smoothie stuff and dinner. At home, LA makes a sausage biscuit. Thoth makes a “Thoth’s Blood” juice and imports the EPK in Flash. “It looks terrible,” Thoth says. “I have to redo a few things. Frustrating.” He takes a break and makes some ground beef and eggs. “There’s no reason to worry about something that hasn’t happened,” LA says. “We’re fine. Everything is fine.” Jim shares his fish burrito with LA. Thoth lies down. “Do you want to cuddle?” he asks. “I can’t,” she says. “I need to write the blog.” Bibi says: “Shoulder in pain; it’s going to rain.”