18.3.2013 “They Drive”

LA and Thoth bike to Art Lab to borrow Jim’s car. They drive to La Mesa to look at the studio where they will record their next CD. The place is neat and clean. They give a deposit to Scotty. “I’d like to have lunch at Jersey Mike’s,” LA suggests to Thoth. They drive to the mall next door. At Jersey Mike’s, LA has a turkey and cheese hero and Thoth has a cheesesteak hero. After eating, they drive to a printing company to pick up some paper samples for Jim then to Fry’s where Thoth gets a terabyte hard drive. “That took much longer than I expected,“ Thoth complains. Next, they drive to Radio Shack. LA replaces her old headphone cord. ”I have a three year warranty,” LA says. They drive back to Art Lab to drop off the car then bike home. LA looks for an apartment in NYC while Thoth sketches his novel. They make chicken salad melts for dinner. Bibi says: “Early chores bring late snores.”