18.4.2013 “How To Style”

Thoth watches tennis from Monte Carlo. LA wakes and he cuddles with her. “I kind of want to stay home today,” LA says. “Then that’s settled,” Thoth says. Mel sends them a text. “Can I come over and get some help with the headdress?” she writes. LA and Thoth eat snacks until Mel arrives. LA shows Mel some tulle and how to make it into a headdress with safety pins. Thoth works on a spirit catcher. He and LA give Mel a tour of the canyon in the back and the tubs. Back at the house, Mel shows LA how to style the pink wig then styles LA’s hair. After taking pictures, Mel leaves. LA and Thoth have lunch. LA finishes the pulled pork sandwiches, and Thoth sautés some cod wth garlic butter. He and LA spend the rest of the afternoon on their respective computers: LA watches videos; Thoth watches tennis. Later in the evening, they borrow Jim’s car and go to the Souplantation for salads. Back home, the house is quiet. Thoth and LA continue their research. Bibi says: “Naughty Cheeky!”