18.5.2013 “Seek Shelter”

Thoth watches tennis then takes the subway to Chinatown. LA gets up. Thoth walks down Canal Street and buys an umbrella from one of the merchants. “Is it going to rain?” the merchant asks. “It’s not supposed to,” Thoth says. LA puts on make-up and gets dressed. When Thoth gets back to the apartment, he showers and gets dressed. They leave for the park early. Exit the subway station in the front and walk passed Sheep Meadow. A slight drizzled starts. LA and Thoth arrive at the tunnel, and people are beginning to seek shelter in it. The Boyd Choir finishes, and Vasilly plays a few pieces with Julia. One of the Dynamic Duo’s fans shows up with her nephew. LA and Thoth set up when Vasilly and Julia finish. People surround LA and Thoth as they set up. “The only reason these people are standing here is because it’s raining,” Thoth says. He tells the audience that they’ll be starting at 3 o’clock and many drift away. Some girls sit down right in LA and Thoth’s space. “Can you move over near the pillar,” LA tells them. “We use this space.” Thoth meditates, then he and LA stretch. The Dynamic Duo begins “Anya.” Rain continues all afternoon. After the “Tango,” LA and Thoth pack up. They walk to the subway and go home. Eat leftover salmon pasta, then Thoth watches the semi-finals from the Rome Masters Tennis Tournament. LA talks to her sister on Skype. Afterwards, she watches the rest of Shadowlands. LA makes jam toasties for herself and Thoth. LA watches The Dead Poets Society. Bibi says: “Harder rain! Can’t you hear. Cuddle it away.”