18.6.2013 “Thousandth Time”

LA and Thoth do laundry. While the clothes are washing, they walk to The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. It is empty, so they sit in the pew, whisper, and look at the beautiful organ. As they leave, Thoth takes LA’s hand, kneels on the medallion in the center of the church, and kisses her hand. Then LA kneels and they kiss. “Did we just get married?” LA says. “For the thousandth time,” Thoth says. They go back to the laundromat and put clothes in the dryer. Fold laundry and go home. They eat lunch. “No more hotdogs for me,” LA says. “They’re making me sick.” LA draws a picture of Thoth. Later she goes to the grocery store and gets sushi. They begin watching The Fellowship of the Ring. Bibi says: “How can he nod off during the fun parts?”