18.7.2013 “Points It Towards The Tunnel”

Thoth coughs up much phlegm while working on his morning projects. “I’m fighting something,” Thoth murmurs. LA wakes. “I don’t want to go out,” LA says. “Who cares if we perform or not.” She puts on makeup. They pack frozen bottles of water. “The sun is so hot that I feel like my skin is being seared off my bones,” Thoth says as he and LA walk past Sheep Meadow. Powerhouse’s break dancing group is performing. A full trap set drummer is playing with the loud boom box. “Now that is overkill,” LA says. The Boyd Choir is singing while a woman films them for a Documentary with a DSLR. The Boyd Choir finishes and the Dynamic Duo sets up leisurely. Fashion models are being photographed around the tunnel. A guitarist sets up near the angel with an amplifier. The Dynamic Duo takes long rests in between each piece and spritzes cold water on each other. During Thoth’s solo, the guitarist turns up his amplifier and points it towards the tunnel. Dominic shows up during “Heaven Scent.” LA and Thoth pack up and leave. They chat with Kishan. Walk through Strawberry Fields. At home they shower and change. Walk to the grocery and get something to eat. After dinner, LA and Thoth work on computers. Thoth watches footage of the prayformance. “I need to make sure the shot is tight enough,” Thoth says. “But I like this angle.” LA chats with her sister. Bibi says: “We are floating in sweat.”