19.1.2014 “Esoteric”

Thoth makes coffee then writes and reads. He begins making wings for the spirit catcher so they can be printed with the Tribal Baroque logo. LA gets up. “I had a dream mom sent me and sis to Tokyo,” LA says. LA makes smoothies and dances around the kitchen, listening to Cirque Du Soleil on her iPod. Thoth puts the marinated pork shoulder in the oven to cook. They get dressed and bike to the park. Arrive at 2:30. The park is packed. LA and Thoth get ready. Thoth’s stomach is hurting. “No one sees us over here until we play,” LA observes. “We will take over this entire area very soon.” “Now you know why superman can change in a phone booth,” Thoth says. “It’s an esoteric understanding that few people understand.” The Dynamic Duo begins and a huge crowd gathers. “You guys should play at Notre Dame,” a woman says. “I got chased away from there by soldiers with uzis,” Thoth laughs. “We’ll grab them and let you play,” she retorts. “The cellist seems to be doing better than the pianist with us here,” Thoth remarks. “Good!” The Dynamic Duo play their first complete public prayformance since arriving in San Diego. “Who wants the last CD?” LA says. “We really want it. Do you really want it?” a woman says to another couple. “Are you from out of town?” she says. They nod. “Well we’re right down the street so we can get one tomorrow,” she says. They talk to a photographer from Switzerland while packing up. He shows them some beautiful photographs of them and some jazz greats. LA and Thoth bike home. They stop at Vons for buns, cole slaw, and dessert. At home, Jim is playing music and painting outside. Thoth takes the pork shoulder out of the oven and prepares it, pulling it apart with two forks. He and LA toast buns and eat pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. LA cleans up. Thoth watches tennis on his computer and LA writes blogs. Thoth takes a nap while LA listens to music and Jim paints. Thoth gets up and continues working on the spirit catcher wings. Bibi says: “Elly doesn’t get enough hugs.”