19.11.2012 “She Anxiously Waits”

Thoth takes a brisk morning walk. He gets coffee. Back at the apartment he studies a new Web site program. LA wakes at 10:30. She checks Facebook to see if Alexandra has written back. “I have confirmed with one roommate, and I’ll speak with the other after work tonight,” she writes. LA and Thoth take the train to Manhattan to have lunch at Micky’s restaurant, East of Eighth. “Is Jerry here?” Thoth asks the head waiter. “Jerry doesn’t work here anymore,” the waiter says. “Micky is the owner.” “Micky,” Thoth corrects. “I meant Micky.” The head waiter calls Micky on the phone. “You didn’t waste any time,” Micky greets them. “No sparkles today.” “Day off,” LA explains. Micky takes LA and Thoth upstairs and seats them at “Thoth’s table.” “There used to be a big picture of Thoth on this wall,” Micky says. Gloria, the same waitress who knew Thoth many years ago, waits on them. “Have anything you want,” Micky instructs. LA and Thoth peruse the menus while eating cornbread. LA orders a coke for the first time in long while. Thoth has a martini. LA orders a Caesar salad and lobster ravioli and Thoth, calamari and mussels. Micky sits with them while they eat and asks about their travels. “Come back another time,” Micky says before going back to the office. Thoth leaves a tip for Gloria on the table. At the door, LA and Gloria talk a bit about dyeing hair before saying goodbye. LA and Thoth walk across the street to Ricky’s. Thoth buys black stockings and LA buys a pink hair band to hold back her hair. They stop at the Garden of Eating to buy thin slices of Scottish Salmon. Sugar who works behind the counter, immediately remembers Thoth. “No bells today,“ he asks. They chat while Sugar slices the salmon. Then LA and Thoth walk to Duane Reade. LA gets hair dye and Thoth, some reading glasses. They take the Q back to Astoria. Stop in Key Food for dill and spring mix. At home, LA begins the process of dyeing her roots blonde. Meanwhile she anxiously waits for a message from Alexandra. Thoth continues working on the new Website. He makes a salmon salad for a light supper. At midnight, Andy and Emily come home.Thoth tells them about their stressful predicament. “Don’t worry about it,” Andy says. “You’re here. I don’t mind at all.” “Stay as long as you need,” Emily adds. “I feel a bit relieved,“ LA says, hugging Thoth. She posts on Facebook and writes a blog. Bibi says: “Long time no speak.”