19.12.2012 “Difficult Ride Home”

Thoth runs and does pushups. He calls his mother to see if he can visit. LA wakes and makes a salmon sandwich for lunch. Thoth leaves for his mother’s house around 1. He rides the bike to Bart, takes the train to Walnut Creek, then rides the bike to the Apple store. Returns the firewire cable. Rides the bike to Rossmoor. His mother is happy to see him. “You just missed Hyacinth,” she says. Thoth calls LA. “I made it,” he says. LA tries to draw. “I’m uninspired,” she says. Thoth listens to his mother talk about politics and her physical therapy for her recover from knee surgery. He fixes her stereo. Jamie comes over after work to visit LA. She and LA watch the second act of A Little Night Music. Thoth and his mother watch tennis while his mother ices her knee. Jamie and LA watch Spring Awakening. Thoth helps his mother with her PC laptop then realizes how late it is and starts installing the operating system for the black MacBook he is trading her for the MacBook Pro. He calls LA. “I’m late,” he says. “I completely failed to manage my time well.” He finishes upgrading and installing the necessary applications. “I still have more to do on this MacBook to make it tip top,” he tells his mother. “But you probably won’t use it before I return.” At 10, Thoth calls LA. “I have a long difficult ride home,” Thoth says. “We’ll pick you up half way,“ LA suggests. “No,” Thoth says. “It’s my work. I’ll see you home.” Jamie leaves and LA makes a veggie burger. Wrapped in battery powered lights, Thoth pedals to Lafayette, takes the train, then rides the bicycle. Exhausted, Thoth gets home at 12. “I missed you,” LA says. “What did you guys talk about?” “Politics and tennis,” Thoth says. “She asks me nothing about what we are doing. But I guess that’s better than us arguing.” Bibi says: “Weary legs pedaling and tangling the comforter.”