19.3.2013 “Cabin”

Thoth works on sketching his novel all morning. LA gets up and continues looking on Craigslist for an apartment in NYC. She and Thoth go grocery shopping at Vons then make lunch. LA has a grilled cheese, Thoth eggs. They work on computers for the rest of the day. In the late afternoon, LA and Thoth go over to Tod’s house to look at a 1 bedroom cabin in the back he has for rent. “It’s a little too expensive for us,” Thoth says. “But we’ll stay open to the possibility.” They all go down to the tubs together and chat. Julian comes down holding a BB gun and something behind his back. “It’s one of our sodas!” LA  cries. “I put money in the fridge for you,” he says. “I’m sorry!” LA makes salmon sandwiches for dinner. Thoth learns Sculptris. Later LA showers, and Thoth eats a few bites of salmon. Bibi says: “Wee!”