19.3.2013 “Poach”

Thoth writes. LA awakes at 10:30. Thoth gets in bed and snuggles with her. Ryan, the chief ranger calls back and LA talks a long time with him. “He was friendly and commiserated, but there’s nothing to be done,” LA says. Thoth calls him back and offers a few suggestions. The ranger is interested and gives the number of the officer who runs the lottery. Thoth calls him and leaves a message. Thoth finishes designing the EPK and begins to import it into flash. He and LA have a snack then walk to the store. They buy salmon and things to make spaghetti. At home, Thoth shows LA how to poach salmon and makes pasta. They eat, clean dishes and Thoth lies down. LA watches videos and takes a shower. Bibi says: “Sad time cuddles.”