19.4.2013 “A Wedding Reception”

Thoth packs his bag with books, and he bikes to Starbucks to sit and read on the patio. Back home, he watches tennis from Monte Carlo. LA wakes and makes smoothies. She and Thoth dress and bike to the park. Hot. A wedding reception is taking place in the courtyard where they usually perform. They bike to El Prado and decide to set up. Few people are around. Tom shows up with his son and daughter to see LA and Thoth perform. “You are the reason we came to play today,” LA says. As the Dynamic Duo plays, a large crowd gathers. They play four pieces and sell CDs. At the end, two older women buy CDs and lavish LA and Thoth with praise: “I loved it. You two are incredibly talented. Blessings to you in all your endeavors.” LA and Thoth bike to Sprouts. LA sits with the bikes while Thoth shops for the ingredients to make salmon pasta. Thoth says hello to Magnum. “I heard you before I saw you,” Magnum says. Back home, LA and Thoth have snacks, then Thoth makes dinner. LA eats while watching videos about the fall of  the Berlin Wall and the massacre at Tiananmen Square. She cleans the dishes and showers. Thoth tries to write but gets too tired. LA finishes her writing. Bibi says: “Not a peep before sleep.”