19.5.2013 “Wet And Very Small”

Thoth drinks coffee and watches the finals from the Rome tennis tournament. Heavy rain patters against the window. A truck is playing music through several speakers in the street outside the apartment. “The party is afoot,” Thoth comments. LA and Thoth dress and head to the park. Some people are gathered in the park after the AIDS Walk. No performers are in the tunnel. Keeshan is sitting in the wings. “I love sitting in here looking at the rain,” he says. LA and Thoth set up. A violinist comes in the tunnel and takes out her instrument and begins playing. Then a photographer tells LA and Thoth that a proposal is about to happen. “Could you wait before beginning,” he requests. After the small ceremony, the Dynamic Duo begins. Audiences are wet and very small. LA makes a sign saying: “CDs available.” Immediately a man comes up and buys one. The Dynamic Duo plays two of their new pieces: “Pentagram” and “Sly Guy.” After “Heaven Scent,” they pack up and talk with Keeshan, then walk to the train.” Why was I so tired today?” LA says. “It’s hard to create all that energy without getting much back from an audience,” Thoth says. They climb out of the subway. “Isn’t it amazing?” LA says. “We’re in New York City. We just played in the park. Now we’re having dinner. We’re so blessed.” She and Thoth stop in the grocery store. At home they make dinner. LA watches Remains of the Day while Thoth finishes ordering the new CD. Bibi says: “Hump ’n tickle.”