19.6.2013 “Birthday Gift”

In the morning, Thoth walks to Zanny’s Cafe and treats himself to a double espresso for his birthday. While he practices using the Xacti camera, he gets a lower back spasm. “My birthday gift,” he groans. He goes back home and downloads the video. LA gets up, and she gets dressed. “I am in immense pain,” Thoth tells her. He and LA take the subway to Grand Central Station. They mail a couple of CDs at the post office. In Grand Central Station, LA sings in the cavernous entrance to the Oyster Bar Restaurant. In the restaurant, LA has a lobster cocktail and Thoth has a motley assortment of 15 oysters. “My favorite Kumamotos for last,” he says. After paying, Thoth goes out and sings in the corridor. He and LA go to the main hall to look around. LA sings a few notes. They head to the subway and bump into Dan R. “This is the ultimate in serendipity,” Thoth says. Dan takes some photographs of them. LA and Thoth get a phone message from Kishan informing them that the tunnel will be closed until Friday. They go home and watch the remainder of The Fellowship of the Ring. Thoth takes some aspirin, then he and LA get dressed. They take the train to Queens and walk to Riverview Restaurant. The place is empty. “All those complaints on Yelp may be hurting their business,” Thoth observes. “I think the prices are competitive. And I like the food.” LA has crab and Thoth, lamb. As they leave, LA calls Kishan. He tells her that he’ll call in the morning to let them know what’s happening at the Angel Tunnel. Thoth behaves very silly as they walk down the street. “Come on Dollie,” Thoth says taking LA’s hand. “Am I a dollie now?” LA says. “You are a dollie,” Thoth confirms. They take the long subway ride home. Thoth tries to start The Two Towers, but he and LA fall asleep. Bibi says: “You shall not pass!”