2.1.2013 “Culls All His Things”

Thoth calls dentists to find one who can cement the crown back on his molar. He finds one in Berkeley and rides his bike there. LA gets up. She organizes and packs her suitcase, then goes downstairs. A note from Thoth is laying on her computer. The dentist is kind to Thoth and says his tooth has no decay then glues the crown back with “super duper cement.” Jamie calls LA to say she is too sick to come over. LA makes herself something to eat. Thoth bikes home. He organizes and culls all his things. LA works on her computer. Nancee comes home and everyone gets dressed for dinner. They go to A Côté. They share some mussels in pernod and pomme frites. “I’m crying,” LA says. She and Thoth lick their plates. For entrées: LA has boneless ribs with pea greens and mashed potatoes; Nancee has sautéed scallops with a beet risotto; and Thoth has a casoulet of duck confit. “Each dish has a unique but equally deep flavor,“ Thoth extols. “I love this place.” They order a light, valrhona chocolate, bread pudding for dessert. After dinner, they drive past Jamie’s house so LA can say goodbye. Jamie gives LA her old cell phone. “I don’t need it anymore,” Jamie says. At home, Nancee and Thoth sit on the couch with some wine and a blanket and have their long-delayed catch-up talk. LA mixes yogurt with pomegranate seeds and goes upstairs to take a shower and work on her computer. Thoth comes upstairs and finishes packing. “You finished,” LA says. Bibi says: “Last night in our own private room.”