2.1.2013 “Permit”

The cell phone wakes LA and Thoth. Thoth gets up and LA goes back to sleep. Thoth sends a message to James to meet him at the Ranger’s office around 8am. Jim drives Thoth to the park. Thoth says hello to Chet and James. Jim and Thoth sit in lawn chairs and read while waiting to do the lottery. Thoth gets a high number. No permit. Jim drives Thoth home. Thoth is discouraged and tired, and gets back in bed. “I’ve been giving you bad news lately,” Thoth tells LA. “I’m not a good genii.” LA  gets up. She and Thoth drink smoothies and get dressed. They bike to the park and set up. While Thoth is in the bathroom, a woman takes pictures of LA. “You play for money?” the woman asks. LA nods. “Well we should go because we don’t have any money.” Thoth starts the video camera. The Dynamic Duo plays “Anya” and a group of children who were playing on the lawn run over to watch. “If more people did what you do, there would be less war,” a man says after listening. Katie shows up, brings over a lawn chair, and sits to watch most of the prayformance. A large crowd gathers. By Thoth’s solo, the crowd has disappeared. “They’re afraid it’s going to rain,” LA says. Katie puts a bill in their case and takes a CD. A secret admirer who has been coming every weekend stands on the pillar and watches the entire show. At the end he quickly hands LA a lot of money and leaves. After packing up, she and Thoth chat with Chet before biking home. They stop at Sprouts for salmon and fruit. A couple stops them as they are biking out of the parking lot. “Glad to see you back,” the woman says. “We’ve been following your travels. When will you be at Balboa Park?” Thoth gives them a card. He and LA bike home. LA counts money. “It wouldn’t have been such a good day if we hadn’t gotten that big tip at the end,” LA says. She and Thoth cook dinner. Thoth cleans the dishes. “I wish we could have our own place,” Thoth says. “It’s humiliating always having to clean up everybody else’s dishes as well as our own every time we eat. What are we their servants?” Thoth takes a nap. LA works on the computer and showers. Thoth works on a Maya project. Bibi says: “Tickle tickle! He he he!”