2.12.2012 “Cheers And Hugs”

Thoth walks to Bean for coffee and to check email. He has forgotten his glasses so he can’t do what he wanted and returns home. LA gets up at 10, dresses, then goes to Bean to get a bagel and cream cheese, and a smoothie for breakfast. Thoth works on WordPress tutorials. LA checks her email. She returns home, puts on makeup and her headdress. Thoth finishes a tutorial then takes a shower and gets dressed. He and LA walk to the subway. “Really nice today,” LA says. They take the train to the park and walk to the tunnel. The Boyd choir finishes a song and moves to the wings. The Afrobats are performing. Thoth says goodbye to John, and he and LA set up. Dan R. shows up. Keeshan sets up to make bubbles. “Did you see that bubble come in the tunnel yesterday?” Thoth asks Keeshan. “Yes, thank you,” Keeshan says. The Afrobats start another show. LA walks to the Boat House to use the restroom. Hugh and a friend talk at the center arch. LA hugs Hugh and chats with him. LA and Thoth stretch then do their ceremony. The Afrobats pack up and leave for the day. “Thank goodness!” LA says. Goddess of Gypsies shows up with her singing bowl. “Too bad!” Thoth says. “We’re already finished. We would have loved it.” After “Romanza,” Kendra and Dominic stop by and say hello. After chatting for a bit, Dominic and Kendra leave and the Dynamic Duo perform “LA’s Waltz.” Cindy drops a tip in their case. “You came back!” LA exclaims. During Thoth’s solo, LA runs