2.3.2013 “Slams Her Violin Scroll”

Although still queasy, Thoth bikes to the park to wait in line for a permit. He works on his computer while sitting on the ground. Picks 11 from the hat. “I focused on getting a ‘1’ and I got two ‘1’s,” Thoth tells another performer. He chooses the pitch adjacent to where they play their spot in in the courtyard. He bikes home and places the permit on the pillow next to LA then continues working on the EPK. LA wakes, and calls for Thoth. “There’s a present for you on the pillow,” he says. “Oh Bunny!” she laughs, turning over. They snuggle and the babes play with her. She gets up and bikes to Rite Aid to buy concealer, facial scrub, and lip stick. She and Thoth have smoothies and bagels then get dressed. LA can’t filamnd her headdress. “This is putting me in a bad mood,” LA says. “I’m nothing without my address.” “That’s not true Thoth says. LA calls Jim and he finds the headdress in their dressing room. Dave comes over while LA and Thoth are finishing getting ready. He drives them to Carlsbad for the party. “Where is everyone?” LA asks Thoth. “I thought there’d be a lot more people.” Susanna hugs LA and Thoth hello. LA and Thoth put their violins in a back room and wander around before settling onto a couch to relax. The first group of performers go on and perform some operatic covers. A short break, then Susanna introduces the Dynamic Duo. During “Romanza,” LA spins and slams her violin scroll into the corner of the wall. The “G” and “E” strings fall completely flat, and the “A” string a half step down. LA struggles through the piece then retunes when they