2.6.2013 “Barricades”

Thoth makes coffee and works on various projects while watching the French Open. LA wakes late. She hurries to put on her makeup and headdress. Thoth makes smoothies then showers and dresses. At the park, they walk to the tunnel through Strawberry Fields. “I don’t like going this way,” LA says. “It’s too crowded.” The area around the Bandshell is completely blocked off, including the back of the tunnel. “Wonder what this is about,” Thoth says. “This really effects foot traffic. Means another mediocre day.” “It is Israel Day,” someone tells Thoth. “They never used to block off the area,” Thoth observes. “Fear of terrorism,” the person says. He and LA sit quietly in the wings waiting for the Boyd Choir to finish. “A trio of musicians show up. And a guitarist. They all are clearly interested in playing in the tunnel. LA and Thoth wait for Vasili to finish his solo bass. “When other performers see someone like Vasili playing,” Thoth comments, “they think they could use the space better. Vasili is a bass virtuoso, yet no one is paying any attention to him.”  The trio of musicians and the guitarist leave the tunnel. The guitarist stands outside the tunnel conversing with two girls. He nods at Vasili, then at LA and Thoth. “He’s talking about us,” Thoth observes. “I think he came here with some friends planning to play here.” Vasili graciously passes the space over to LA and Thoth with a sweep of his hand. A fan named Lisa shows up to watch the