2.8.2013 “Collapses On The Ground, Crying”

LA and Thoth get dressed and go to Central Park. On his bike, Kishan approaches them as they get out of the subway at 72nd Street and says hello. LA and Thoth walk past the Bandshell and notice that a concert is being set up and one of the breakdance groups is performing in front. They go into the Angel Tunnel. The Boyd Choir is performing. LA puts on her bells and costume. Thoth goes around Bethesda Terrace photographing the sculpture. Vasily and Julia perform. Dan shows up. LA sets up all the prayformance instruments while Thoth meditates. A large crowd gathers during the sage ceremony. The Afrobats turn up their boom box really loud and yell “Showtime!” just as the Dynamic Duo is about to begin “Anya.” “We can’t play because these assholes have their music too loud,” LA tells the audience. The audience leaves and goes to watch the Afrobats. LA and Thoth move all their stuff to the other end of the tunnel. A man puts a few dollars in their case. “I’m sorry that happened to you,” the man says. “It’s not fair!”  “It’s too loud back here too,” LA says. The band at the Bandshell has turned up their volume. “Let’s move back then,“ Thoth suggests. LA yells: “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US? PEOPLE DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US.” She and Thoth move all their stuff a second time. At the front of the tunnel again, LA collapses on the ground, crying. “We need to play ‘Anya,” Thoth says. “I don’t want to play,” LA