20.1.2013 “Scary Things”

Thoth drinks coffee and writes. He continues working on a spirit catcher for LA. “She hasn’t had a Spirit Catcher since Berlin,” Thoth says. LA has trouble waking up. Thoth makes smoothies then goes back out to finish LA’s spirit catcher. LA gets dressed then Thoth. They leave at 2pm. At a stop light, a woman calls to them from a car. “Are you headed to the park? We’ll see you there.” At the zoo parking lot, LA almost runs into a pole because the sun blinds her. She and Thoth arrive at 2:30. The park is full of people. LA and Thoth set up and begin at 3pm. “Les is filming us,” Thoth says before they begin “Romanza.” “You can never know who is going to see it.”  “You were streaming to Canada,” Les says. The Dynamic Duo is very interactive and moves more during their prayformance. “The bad ranger is right behind you,” Thoth says to LA after “Gypsy Dance.” “Maybe we should close our cases,” Thoth says. “Nah,” LA says. The Dynamic Duo continues with the “Plucking Song.” The ranger leaves. “I guess he didn’t want to do anything with such a big crowd here,” Thoth says. “All of them have stage fright.” “He’d get booed,” LA says. “He doesn’t want to deal with that.” The Dynamic Duo finishes the prayformance, feeling anxious about the ranger. They pack up and sit for a minute before biking home. A car almost hits LA head-on as she is biking through the parking lot. She pulls over. “That shook me up,” LA says, sitting on the curb. “I’ve seen you do two scary things today,” Thoth says. ”Be careful!” They continue biking home. “Do you guys want sushi?” Jim asks. “Not this time,” LA says. “I’d rather go to Chula Vista tomorrow for sushi,” LA says. She counts money while Thoth makes pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. Thoth watches tennis on the television. LA lies in bed. “You look spent, but happy,” Jim says. “Yes,” LA says. Jim makes sushi for Julian and Nina. LA and Thoth taste a few pieces. Thoth takes a nap. LA eats yogurt for desert then writes a blog. Bibi says: “It’s all about the shoulder, hunh?”