20.11.2012 “Shopping”

Thoth takes a brisk walk around the neighborhood. He gets terrible coffee at the Coffee Pot. At home, he studies WordPress tutorials and starts designing the new Website. LA wakes at 10:30. “I want to go shopping today,” LA says. She gets dressed and takes the subway to 34th Street while listening to her ipod. Thoth spends the day working on the Website. LA walks to Wigs And Plus on 32nd street. She tries on a long blonde wig. “It’s too expensive,” LA says. “It’s a disposable wig,” the clerk explains. LA decides not to buy it. Instead she buys a bunch of makeup. Next she looks around Victoria’s Secret and H&M. Then she takes the subway and walks home. “Do you want a sandwich at the deli?” she asks Thoth. He writes down what he wants, and LA gets sandwiches for them both. They eat lunch in their room and work on business. They find out that they have housing for the rest of their stay in NYC. “I feel better,” LA says. LA posts all the photos Dan Rubin has taken through the years on their Tribal Baroque Facebook page. Around 9:30, they go to dinner at a Asian Restaurant down the street from home. “The food is surprisingly good,” Thoth says. They go home and Thoth tries to continue working on the Website, but conks out. LA writes and takes a shower. Bibi says: “That’s my spot, Bunny.”