20.12.2012 “Solstice Gifts”

Market Hall. “Do you have fresh crab?” LA asks the counterperson. The woman points to a tank with live crabs in it. “I’ll take two.” LA says. One of the crabs is calm, the other is feisty. “He’s fighting!” LA says, giggling. “He’s fighting for his life,” a shopper remarks. LA walks home with the bag of live crabs. When she enters the house, Thoth is singing in the living room. Thoth tells her about the conversation with Michael C. “It’s everything we always dreamed about,” Thoth says. “I don’t want to get too excited,” LA says. “Let’s see what happens.“ Thoth sings a song for LA, then they go next door to get ingredients for roasted crab from the Village Market. “I can’t believe you were able to get fresh Dungeness crabs,“ Thoth says as they shop. At home, he begins prepping. Nancee comes home. LA unseeds a pomegranate. Nancee goes upstairs when Thoth tells her he is going to kill the crabs. He stabs each of them in the brain with a knife, killing them instantly. “A solstice sacrifice,” Thoth says. “Thank you, little crabbies,” LA says. Nancee sets up the living room for dinner. They have a delicious meal together. “We’re crying and screaming,” LA and Nancee exclaim. LA cleans the dishes. She and Thoth have some pie and pomegranates for dessert. Everyone works on computers. LA showers then writes blogs. Bibi says: “The end of the world? Let’s cuddle to the end.”