20.12.2012 “Solstice Gifts”

Thoth dances in the driveway. “My legs are gone,“ he tells Nancee who is making Christmas cookies. Thoth works on organizing the MacBook Pro, reinstalling some of the applications that did not make the migration. LA gets up late and makes a bagel and smoothies. Michael C. calls. “I’m just coming up for air. Can I drop by?” he says. “We’ll see you soon,” Thoth says. Michael C. stops by. Nancee makes tea while everyone chats in the kitchen. Jamie comes over. Michael C., Nancee, Jamie, LA and Thoth sit in the living room, eat cookies, drink tea, and chat. Jamie annoys Thoth. “Deal with yourself first before commenting on everything around you,” he snaps. LA and Jamie leave to do errands. Michael C. tells Thoth and Nancee about a conversation he just had with a client concerning an amazing creative opportunity. “Yes,” Thoth responds. “LA and I are interested.” LA and Jamie look into Michael’s Arts and Crafts store, then go to Target. While shopping for a rug, they make up a song about rugs to the tune of “The Little Drummer Boy.” Michael C., then Nancee leave to go to their respective jobs. Alone, Thoth takes out his violin and begins playing and singing. “Solstice gifts,“ he says as he creates many new songs. Jamie and LA stop at the bank then go to Jamie’s house to sign Christmas cards. Jamie drops LA off at the Rockridge BART station. LA goes into