20.2.2013 “Into The Canyon”

Thoth cleans the kitchen and puts away all the dishes. LA wakes feeling depressed. Thoth gets in bed with her for a long talk. Thoth returns to work on the EPK. LA isn’t able to do anything. Thoth makes some teriyaki sauce. “Do you want to take a walk?” Thoth asks. “Sure,” LA says. They walk down into the canyon and follow a path down to a huge drain. LA sings into it. “It sounds pretty,” she says. They find their way back up to the house and make lunch. Jim is home having lunch, too. LA goes into the bathroom to bleach her roots. Thoth bikes to the store for apples, lemons and ginger to make juice. LA talks to her mother on the phone.She and Thoth have salmon teriyaki for dinner. She talks to her sister on Skype. She and Thoth take a shower together. Bibi says: “Cute is my middle name.”