20.3.2013 “Bike Everywhere”

Thoth makes coffee then works on the novel. LA gets up. She goes out back to the studio to act. Thoth eats some fruit. LA comes back at 1:30 and starts getting dressed while Thoth showers. “I was worried about you,” he says. “You get very involved and lose track of time.” “I was watching the clock,” LA says. She and Thoth bike to Ego ID Media to pick up some cards then head to the park. “I don’t want to go in the front,” LA explains. “I like it better in the back. Safer.” “That’s a change,” Thoth says. “You used to hate it back here.” A man named Chad recognizes them. “You’re here!” he cheers and shakes their hands. Chad and his friend sit on the grass to wait for the Dynamic Duo to begin. After “Anya,” a woman recognizes Thoth from his days in BART in San Francisco. “You guys are great together,” she says. Chad and his friend sit in the hallway and watch. A few people buy CDs after “Romanza” then everyone leaves. They play a few more pieces. A Baroque trumpet player named Reginald recognizes them from San Francisco, NYC and Portland. They talk for a bit. “I bike everywhere,” Reginald says. “The smaller towns suit me the best.” “That’s impressive!” Thoth says. “Can I play after you?” Reginald asks. “Sure,” LA and Thoth say. After “Gypsy Dance,” Reginald immediately starts playing. ”Yes he does,” Thoth rejoins. LA packs up. “His boom box is too loud for me,” LA says. “Let’s get out of here.” LA waves to Reginald and Thoth stops briefly to say goodbye. “You are like celebrities,” Reginald says. “I see you everywhere on the internet.” LA and Thoth bike to Sprouts. LA waits with the bikes while Thoth buys things to make orange salmon pasta. At home, Thoth makes a fancy tuna salad and a baked potato. He and LA have tuna melts. Thoth works on sculpting in Sculptris and Zbrush. LA looks for housing in NYC. Bibi says: “Never at a loss for a cuddle or two.”

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  1. Teolinda_alves

    hello my frinds. How are you? i’ m ok.When you come back to Lisbon? I miss you.
    kisses and love

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