20.4.2013 “Sissy”

Thoth watches tennis from Monte Carlo. LA gets up early and gets dressed. Jamie calls. “I’m four hours from San Diego,” she says. “I’m being spontaneous. I should be there around 5:30. I’ll keep you updated.” LA and Thoth bike to the park. Slow day for a Saturday. The Dynamic Duo sets up and plays. LA takes off her underclothes after “Romanza.” “It’s too hot!” LA exclaims. After the “Plucking Song,” LA says: “I can’t do it.” The sun is too strong for her. Thoth plays a solo. Jamie calls. “I’m here. Should I come to the park?” she says. “Sure, we’re only halfway finished.”  LA and Thoth pack up. “Sissy!” Jamie yells. LA runs to hug her and then Jamie hugs Thoth. They go to the front on El Prado where it is more shaded and set up.  As the Dynamic Duo begins the “C-minor,” LA has a coughing attack. “You’re coughing too much,” Thoth says. “We should stop.” Sleeveless comes over and talks to them. He does a couple of magic tricks for Jamie. Jamie leads LA and Thoth to her car. They pack the bikes in and drive home. LA dresses her sister up in the pink wig and puts makeup on her. They drive to Souplantation for dinner. “You are a couple,” Jamie states. Everyone stuffs themselves, then they drive to the art opening at Art Lab to say hello to Jim. Thoth quickly peruses the art and talks to Dave. At home, they all settle onto computers. Thoth naps on the couch. Jim comes home exhausted. Jamie and LA take a shower. Bibi says: “Warm night!”