20.5.2013 “A-minus”

Thoth talks to Discmakers to make sure the CD art looks alright. LA wakes and tells him that her dentist appointment is at 12. “We need to go, Thoth says. “I thought it was at 12:30.” They hurry to the subway. The trains are slow and they miss one, so they are 10 minutes late. Thoth reads while LA gets x-rays of her teeth done. Dr. Inna cleans LA’s teeth. She is very gentle and sweet. “I don’t see any cavities,” Inna says. “I’m giving you an A-minus.” After the cleaning, Inna talks to LA about dental hygiene. LA and Thoth pay and leave. ”She discounts us because we don’t have insurance and pay with cash,” Thoth says. “That dentist in Manhattan charged me full price regardless. It was $200 more.” He and LA take the train to Christopher Street. They buy some sage, then have breakfast at Sweet Life Cafe. LA has a breakfast sandwich and Thoth, bacon and eggs. They sit on the wharf and look at the water. They walk back to the subway, stopping to buy toothpaste and razors at CVS. Take ”C” train back to 110th street. At home they work on computers. The CD hubs arrive via UPS. They watch movies and work on the computers. Thoth confers with Jim about the CD covers. LA talks to her sister, Jamie. After eating oatmeal,Thoth passes out in the loft. Bibi says: “Beneath the chin, that’s my heaven.”