20.6.2013 “Two Lobsters”

Thoth practices with the Xacti camera and works on some tutorials. LA gets up and checks the phone messages. “The tunnel is closed today,” Kishan’s message says. “I want lobster rolls,” LA tells Thoth. “Then you need to go out and get the lobster,” Thoth says. “I spent enough money yesterday.” “Does your back still hurt?” she asks. Thoth nods and grimaces. LA looks up where to get lobster. “Fairway has it for $8.99 a pound,” she says and heads there. Thoth stays home and works on organizing computer files. LA takes the subway to Fairway and gets two lobsters, then goes to Trader Joe’s. She carries the huge bags to the subway and returns home. Thoth cooks the two lobsters, removes the meat, and assembles the filling. “Delicious!” LA says eating her fancy sandwich. Robert gets LA’s bells from the post office for her. Thoth teaches her how to string the new silver bells while restringing his own. They go up to the loft and watch The Two Towers. LA heats up the frozen pizza for dinner. Thoth works on one of his animation projects. Bibi says: “Cheeky is . . . well . . . cheeky.”