20.7.2013 “Drown Him Out”

Thoth wakes LA late, and they are late getting out of the apartment. Hot but breezy outside. “It’s Saturday and I don’t feel ready,” LA says. A lot of people are on the train. “It feels like Saturday,” Thoth says. At the tunnel, the Boyd Choir is performing. LA and Thoth wait in the wings. When the Boyd Choir finishes, the Dynamic Duo sets up and plays. A man named Rob asks if he can film them with his new steady cam. After “Chiado Tango,” Thoth turns to John Boyd who has stayed through their set. “Are you waiting to play?” he asks. John nods his head. “Are the kids coming to sing with you?” Thoth wonders. “No, just Abraham,” John says. LA and Thoth pull their things to the side. John puts out a money box and starts to sing old-time popular songs without the boom box. His voice is barely audible. Some kids come through the tunnel singing some music from the Lion King and drown him out.  Rob sits and talks with LA and Thoth while they pack up. “You guys do the opposite of everyone else,” he observes. “You play and then you you take a break to rest. Everybody leaves. Then you play again. But you gather a crowd every time. And you’re not yelling  at people to come watch you. You let the music speak for itself.”  After Rob leaves, LA and Thoth finish packing up. They eat fig bars and drink an electrolyte beverage. LA gives herself a shower with the remaining water from the Camelbak. John’s son Abraham arrives, but instead of singing