21.1.2013 “Famous”

Thoth makes coffee and writes. Then he goes outside to start whittling the wings for the spirit catchers. LA wakes up. “I can’t get up,” LA says when Thoth wanders through. “You don’t have to, but Jim needs all the wings by 3 pm,” Thoth says. He goes out and sits in the sun while working on the wings. LA gets up slowly. She goes outside and helps Thoth by sanding the wings. She hides in the shade. After finishing, LA goes to the kitchen to de-fruit pomegranates. At 3pm, Thoth takes a shower, then he and LA bike to Ego ID. They lock up their bikes and give the wings to Jim to send away. Jim’s hand is bandaged. “I sliced off a piece of my hand with the paper cutter,” he tells Thoth. “Look you can see the tendons work.” Thoth and LA borrow Jim’s car and drive to Chula Vista. They have a late lunch at Sushi Loco. “Here we are,” LA says, “sitting in one of our favorite sushi restaurants. It’s like a circle is closed. How did we get back here?” After some nigiri, sashimi, and a crunch roll, they go next door to get some homemade doughnuts for dessert. Drive to Ego ID office. It is closed so, they put their bikes in the back seat and drive home. Thoth watches tennis. LA watches videos of some successful performers. Later LA says: “I want to be famous,” she says. “To be very famous you have to give up something,” Thoth says. “What do you want to give up?” “I want things to be easier for us, so we don’t have to worry if people will come see us, so we have venues that want us to perform in, so we can stay in nice places and travel more easily, so rangers and police won’t harass us anymore . . .”  “I avoid watching videos like that so I don’t have to think about it. They’re just distracting and depressing.” “I try, but I always get sucked in,” LA admits. Bibi says: “They’re starting to call him Nightmare Daddy—a rolling tossing sheet tornado.”