21.11.2012 “Flowers”

Thoth takes a brisk morning walk. He stops to get fruit for smoothies, and coffee. At home, he discovers that the new database has been corrupted by something he did and tries to repair it. LA wakes at 10:30. “I lost everything on the new Website,” Thoth says. “I have no idea how.” LA gets up and dresses as usual. Thoth continues working on the new Website, then showers and dresses. He and LA walk to the subway and take the train to Central Park. “Why does everyone in your family burn their bridges with me?” Thoth wonders. “They’ve disrespected me, lied and spread rumors about me… Do they expect that if ever I see them in person, I will act as if nothing ever happened? Not a chance.” He and LA walk to the tunnel. “I feel relieved,” LA says. “We have all our housing together now.” “There are lots of people in the park today,” Thoth says. “It’s like a weekend,” LA says.The two older Boyd children are singing as usual. They pack up and leave at 2 . The Dynamic Duo slowly begins setting up. Dan R. shows up to photograph. Keeshan comes down and makes bubbles in the circle outside the tunnel. “It’s always hard to go from Sunday to Wednesday,” LA comments. Sunday is such a big day and Wednesday is quiet.” After “Anya,” Keith shows up with flowers. “They look just like you,” Thoth tells LA and puts them in the violin case. Applause is muted. “Are people really enjoying the performance,” LA wonders. A woman then comes forward and tells LA: “Your voice sounds like a mixture of <i>The 5th Element<i> and Italian opera. You blew me away! I have chills. Are you singing words up in that high register?” After Thoth’s solo, they play the “c-minor.” LA tries opening with spirit catcher. After the “Bolero,” LA sings her solo. “That tired me out,” LA tells Thoth. “It makes me even more respectful of how you can do those solos you do.” The Dynamic Duo finishes with the “Wet Tango” and starts packing up. Douglas comes over and hugs Thoth. “You guys are amazing together,” he says. “How’s your voice,” Keith asks LA. “I oversang today,” she responds. “I can’t talk anymore.” Douglas, Paul, Dan R., Keeshan, LA and Thoth all stand around chatting. “I need to go,“ LA says pulling Thoth away. Dan accompanies them to the subway. “I need to pee,” LA says and walks into the Pierre Hotel. Thoth and Dan R wait and chat outside. A group of people stare at LA when she goes into the lobby. “How pretty!” one says. In the bathroom, a woman comes in and says: “You look so beautiful. I love it.” LA walks through a sitting room and sings a few notes, then leaves the hotel. “It’s so luxurious in there, “LA tells Dan R. and Thoth. “There’s a place to sing in there.” LA tells Thoth. On the train, LA tells Dan R: “We’d love if you could travel the world with us.” “I’d love that,” Dan agrees then leaves at Queensbourough Plaza. LA and Thoth get off the train at Ditmars and have dinner at the Last Stop Diner. They get honey at the grocery store and go home. Thoth takes a nap and LA makes tea and does a nasal cleanse. She surfs the net and writes a blog. Thoth gets up and works on the Website. LA showers. Bibi says: ”Jump jump jump! Wee!”