21.12.2012 “Musicals”

Thoth runs and dances. “My legs are still really weary,” he says as he stretches in the living room. He writes and organizes files. “The world didn’t end today?” LA says after getting up. She makes cinnamon bread for herself and Thoth. Eats pomegranates and drinks a sprouted chia kombucha. Thoth continues fine-tuning the MacBook Pro. LA reads an article about how to create a musical. She buys a MacBook Air online. Jamie calls. “I want to stay home today,” LA says to her. Thoth makes lamb meatballs and rice pasta. “I can’t eat this,” LA says. Nancee goes dancing and Thoth takes a nap. LA watches videos about musicals on Youtube. Thoth gets up and studies tutorials about the new Mountain Lion OS. Bibi says: “So much rain.”