21.2.2013 “New Rhythms”

Thoth drinks coffee and creates a Website for his niece. “It’s late.” Thoth says, waking LA up. “Is there any reason to get up?” LA says. “No,” Thoth responds. He makes smoothies. “I can’t do anything,” LA says. “I’m sad and depressed.” Thoth continues working on the EPK. “Maybe we can go to Art Lab and change the keys of all the pieces,” LA suggests. Thoth agrees, showers, and gets dressed.  “It’s raining,” Thoth says. Julian comes home. “I’ll drive you over there,” Julian volunteers. He drives them to Art Lab. Thoth fixes the stage while LA plays some scales. Thoth takes out his violin and plays with her. Thoth shows her some new rhythms. “I can’t do anything, LA says. “I feel so incompetent.” “Don’t give up, Thoth says. “Keep working on it.” “I’m so uninspired,” LA retorts. They pack up. Jim drives them to Vons. They pick up some bubble water and tuna fish. At home, LA has salmon and rice for dinner while Jim eats with his kids. Thoth works on the EPK. LA juices apples. Thoth eats when everyone is finished. LA cleans the dishes then watches videos on Youtube. Bibi says: “Even my light cuddles don’t lift the heavy dark weight.”