21.3.2013 “Room Is Available”

Thoth writes all morning. “Do we know if the thing at Andrea’s place is happening tonight?” Thoth asks when LA is up. LA calls Andrea. “I’ve had a crazy day, but everything’s set for tonight,” Andrea says. LA and Thoth have lunch then hurry to get ready at 6. Andrea picks them up with her daughter. “She dressed up for you guys,” Andrea says. They drive to her apartment building. Andrea lets them into the Balboa Room where they will perform. LA and Thoth get ready while people arrive. The Dynamic Duo plays 4 pieces. “I’m soaked,” LA says. Afterwards, she and Thoth sit and talk with the audience, answering questions. Andrea takes them to dinner at Cafe 21. LA has stuffed chicken and Thoth, a lamb shank. “I’m exhausted,” LA groans. Andrea drives them home. LA gets an email from a girl named Lauren saying her room is available in NYC. LA writes back asking how much and where it is. Thoth works on a sculpt in Sculptris. Bibi says: “Do me. I’ve been waiting a year or more.”