21.4.2013 “Lucky”

Thoth bikes to Rite Aid to buy plastic CD cases, then to Vons for OJ. He returns home and continues sketching the novel. LA wakes. Jamie gets up soon after LA does. “I want to make Jim some juice,” Jamie says. LA shows Jamie how to make juice and cleans up after her. Jim gets up. “You can use my car,” Jim tells Thoth. “I’m going to rest all day.” LA makes smoothies. Jamie makes one for herself. Thoth prints and cuts covers for CDs. “If we have a big day and don’t have enough CDs, we would be very sad.” He showers, and he and LA get dressed. They leave for the park late at 1:40. The parking lots are filled with people attending the Earth Day Festival. “I don’t know if we’ll find a place to park,” LA says. Just as they start their second pass around the parking spaces, they find someone who is leaving. “We are lucky,” Thoth says. While walking to their spot, they encounter Mitchell. He walks with them. “They found two new planets,” Mitchell says. Caution tape is wrapped around the pillars surrounding the courtyard for the plant sale, but LA and Thoth’s spot is open. Daniel  and his young son come over. “We came all the way from Los Angeles to see you,” Daniel says. Stacey shows up and gives LA and Thoth some fresh brownies. The Dynamic Duo begins the prayformance around 2:40. A large crowd gathers and many rush to get CDs after