21.5.2013 “Treat Day”

Thoth works briefly on the computer then goes to Columbus Avenue to do laundry. Warm day. LA gets up and works on the computer. Thoth reads and has a bagel while he waits for the clothes to finish. He folds them and returns home. “What’s it like out?” LA asks. “It’s almost uncomfortable,” Thoth says. “I want to go shopping downtown.” “Can I come?” LA says. “I want to go by myself,” Thoth says. LA pretends to cry. “I shop better on my own,” Thoth explains. “What if I promise not to bother you?” LA says. They take the train to 23rd street. Go to East of Eighth and give a CD to the owner, Micky. “Would you like to eat?” Micky says. “Not today,” LA says. “We’ll eat when we come back with the new CD.” LA and Thoth walk down the street to the Garden of Eating. Thoth buys smoked salmon, filet mignon, mixed greens, and fixings a dill vinaigrette dressing. They go back to the bubble tea store and get drinks.  While sipping their drinks, they stop at Doughnut Planet for LA to get a strawberry doughnut. Next to Ricky’s then to CVS. “See I didn’t get in your way,” LA says. “I’m glad you came, Thoth says. “Today was a treat day. Rewarding oneself for a job well done is very important. We settled in NYC. Our rent is saved. We finished a new CD.”  At home, they get on computers, then Thoth makes dinner. ”I can’t believe you can make a fancy meal in such a cramped kitchen with a hot plate,” she says, licking her plate. LA cleans the dishes while Thoth watches Aliens. LA listens to music. Thoth practices sculpting with his tablet. Bibi says: “Less cuddling when it is so warm.”