21.6.2013 “A Bunch Of Crap”

Thoth edits and writes. LA wakes and puts on make-up. She wears the new bells and the long blonde hairpiece. She and Thoth head to the park.  The Boyd Choir is singing in the tunnel. The Afrobats are up top blaring the boom box. LA goes to the bathroom and trips and falls on the stairs when she is returning to the tunnel. John the violist passes through the tunnel. “I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing,” Thoth says. “Is he hoping we won’t show up or be late again?” Thoth talks to some women in the circle outside the tunnel. “We bought a friend from Peru to see you guys,” the woman says. “Did John say anything to you?” Thoth asks LA when he comes back. “No, I was worried he would,” LA says. Dan R. shows up. The Dynamic Duo sets up after Julia and Vasili finish. Throughout the prayformance audiences are very dull and unresponsive. At the coda of “Heaven Scent,” the Afrobats interrupt the Dynamic Duo by blasting the boom box. “Give me the camera,” LA says. She runs over and starts filming them. Two Parks Enforcement officers have stopped them and the audience boos. “You’re not allowed to play here,” the female officer says. Dan comes over to watch. “Wow, she’s really not letting them get away with it,” LA says to Dan. “Finally you have someone on your side,” Dan says. The Afrobats behave rudely, insulting the officer. They brag about how much money they make compared to her. She calls her boss, and the Afrobats leave frustrated. Thoth watches the Afrobats come through the tunnel cursing and picking