21.7.2013 “Worse Than Ever”

Thoth watches the finals of the Hamburg Masters Tennis Tournament. He wakes LA. She does swirly white makeup. She and Thoth get dressed then head to the subway and take the train to Central Park.“It’s such a nice day,” LA says. “Not so hot.” A group of beak dancers have blocked off a space near the tunnel. The Afrobats are waiting for them to finish. A Parks Enforcement van is parked near the bandshell. In the Angel Tunnel, the Boyd Choir is performing. LA puts on her tulle headdress. “Can I take your picture?” a man asks LA. “No,” LA says. “Five dollars,” Thoth says. “Is it all about money?” the man asks, smiling. “It’s about survival,” the man’s friend says. LA and Thoth set up in the wings while Vasily and Julia play their usual popular classical music. At five minutes to 3, LA drags their stuff to the center while Vasily and Julia are finishing their third “Ave Maria.” A large crowd gathers around the Dynamic Duo as they set up. During “LA’s Waltz,” LA sees two of the Afrobats come through the tunnel with the huge boom box. “I just saw the Afrobats,” LA tells Thoth. “They’re not starting so let’s continue.” After the Dynamic Duo performs two more pieces, Ravon yells “SHOWTIME!” Immediately, the harsh sound of the boom box obliterates the serenity of Bethesda Terrace. LA and Thoth plug their ears with their fingers. LA goes outside to call Parks Enforcement. When they feel like the music has ended, Thoth plays a