22.1.2013 “Free Movies”

Thoth writes. “I’m in a bad mood,” he tells LA when she wakes. “I had a bad dream.” LA makes smoothies. She and Thoth bike down Texas Street to Fashion Valley Mall. They get lost but Thoth eventually leads them to the movie theatre. Lock up the bikes. Buy tickets and go into the theater to see The Hobbit. The projector won’t reboot so the film is cancelled. The theater gives them a refund and two comp tickets. The ticket taker likes them, so she lets them back in to see another free movie, Zero Dark Thirty. “We get to see three free movies,” LA says. “That’s pretty cool!” After the movie, LA and Thoth get their bikes and bike to P.F. Chang’s. “It’s just 6 and the place is packed already,” Thoth comments. LA orders lettuce wraps and calamari; Thoth gets lettuce wrap and Chang’s ribs. They share dumplings. After dinner, they bike to Texas Street and walk the bikes up the hill. “Very steep,” LA says. “It’s hard to walk.” At the top, she and Thoth bike the rest of the way home. LA and Thoth make fresh juices with beets, carrots, lemon, ginger, and apples. Thoth watches tennis. LA takes a shower and dyes her hair purple. Bibi says: “Snore against war.”